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An introductory view into Prometheus

Prometheus is an Open Source software developed by SoundCloud, commonly used in production servers as a monitoring and alarming tool.

This article offers an introductory view into how it works and how to use it by exposing a running example.

After reading this article, you will understand what Prometheus is, how it works, and have some examples into the mind of its different components. You will also find several links along the article to further extend your knowledge.

In the world of research or otherwise known as the world of "publish or perish", publishing a paper is of "life or death" importance. One of the most relevant measures of success in this world is the number of publications one has, and therefore the goal of every PhD student is to maximize it. Yet, given the time constraints a PhD student has, one has to perfectly plan the venues where he/she is going to publish. This is not a trivial problem. The problem aggravates when one has to publish a Journal article.  Therefore, we developed a tool that facilitates students to find the right journal given their time constraints.

TPC-DI ETLs using PDI (a.k.a. Kettle)

TPCDI-PDI: overcoming the shortcoming of the unformatted TPC-DI ETL descriptions by generating a repository of ETL processes that comply with the TPC-DI specification and are developed using open-source technologies.