Big Data Architecture & Design Seminar

  • Mar19

    DTIM organised a 4-days, 12-hours seminar about "Big Data Architecture and Design Principles". The seminar included 2-days of theory and 2-days hands-on training about big data evolving architectures, stream-processing in Apache Kafka and Flink, in addition to parallel processing architectures in Apache Spark. The students from the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB) were able to experience first-hand the different challenges of big data processing, including batch and stream processing, from a theoretical and a practical perspective.

        Big Data Architecture and Design training teaches the basic concepts
        and details to take into account when designing a Big Data
        Architecture. The trainees will learn the impact of technical and
        functional constraints on the storage and processing choices. Going
        further the course will show, through industrial use cases, the
        raise of new architecture patterns. The course includes a practical
        part with hands-on session on distributed framework. The trainees
        will learn how to prepare the data and how to process data in batch
        and in real time.