Oscar Pastor: The Need of Requirements Engineering for Achieving Success in Model Driven Development

Speaker: Oscar Pastor


22/06/2010 de 00:00 a 00:00 (Europe/Madrid / UTC200)

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Even if many methods have been proposed for eliciting, modeling and managing requirements, it is not so frequent to have sound methodological approaches that guide precisely the trip between requirements and their final, associated software product. If we take a Model-Driven Development perspective, it can be said to be common to have any kind of Model Transformations that connect Conceptual Schemas with some form of code. What is not so common is to have the Requirements Model link, that should constitute the source model of any Conceptual Schema-Centric Software Development process, the goal being going from requirements to conceptual schemas and from conceptual schemas to code with a process as much automated as possible. In this talk, this type of generic arquitectures intended to go from Requirements to Code will be discussed; particular efforts oriented to provide concrete solution in the context of the OO-Method proposal will be introduced. Finally, the benefits that could be obtained from a MDD perspective will be analyzed.