Research Interests

I make my reseach as part of the Software Engineering for Information Systems Reseach Group (GESSI). The research group conducts research in many fields of software engineering, with particular emphasis on:

  • Managing Quality in Agile, Data-Driven Approaches
  • Open Source Software
  • i* Modelling
  • Requirement Patterns
  • Construction of quality models for software domains
  • Service Monitoring
  • Model-driven development and architectural knowledge
  • I am focused on i* Modelling (i* wiki for more information). Specifically, the aim of my thesis is “Presenting a complete and non-ambiguous definition of specialization for the i* framework”. Tool HiME includes a subset of the specialization operations that I will present as a result of my thesis.

    Research Projects

    Project Period Role Description
    VISDOM: Visual software diagnostics 2019-2022 Researcher An European Project (ITEA3, Project Nr. 17038; C-11420) that will will develop new types of visualisations that utilise and merge data from several data sources in modern DevOps development. The aim is to provide simple “health check” visualisations about the state of the development process, software and use..
    GENESIS: Generación y Evolución de Smart APls 2016-2020 Researcher An National Project (TIN2016-79269-R) that will follow a tool-supported data-driven approach to improve the automation of the above process. In a release cycle, data coming from both APIs' usage and developers will be gathered and analysed in order to compute several indicators whose analysis will guide the planning of the next release of such APIs. This data will be also used to generate complete and accurate documentation, including non-functional requirements that will facilitate the adoption of the APIs by third parties. APIs will be organized in a semantic repository with well-defined processes around.
    Q-Rapids: Quality Aware Rapid Software Development 2016-2019 Work Package Leader An European Project (H2020, Topic Advanced Software Engineering, Contract Nr. 732253, E-01372) addressing how quality requirements can be integrated into a rapid software development process in order to significantly increase the productivity of the development team and shorten time to market of software products and services whilst ensuring appropriate levels of quality.
    Partners: UPC, University of Oulu (Finland), FRAUNHOFER IESE (Germany), BITTIUM (Finland), ITTI (Poland), NOKIA (Finland), SOFTEAM (France)
    EOSSAC: Engineering Open Source Services and Apps for the Citizens 2014-2016 Researcher An National Project (TIN2013-44641-P) that consist on proposing models, methods, processes, techniques and tools in the Software Engineering discipline to enable the engineering of high-quality open source software services and apps for the citizen.
    RISCOSS: Managing Risk and Cost in Open Source Software Projects 2012-2015 Work Package Leader and UPC Representative An European Project (FP7, Call 8 - Obj. 1.2; Contract Nr. 318249) risk identification and risk management, mitigation tools and methods for community-based and industry-supported Open Source Software (OSS) development. It will also provide a decision-making management platform to assist OSS adoption decisions into organisations and strategies. Understanding, managing and mitigating OSS adoption risks is crucial in terms of time to market, customer satisfaction and brand image.
    Partners: UPC, Foundazione Bruno Kessler, Unversiteit Masstricht, CENATIC (Spain), Ericsson Telecomunicazioni (Italy), KPA (Israel), OW2 (France), XWiki SAS (France)
    Pros-Req: Requirement-based production of service-oriented software 2011-2013 Researcher (PhD. student) A National founded project (TIN2010-19130-C02-00) with Centro de Investigación en Métodos de Producción de Software of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain.
    ADOxx: Definition of the i* format by using the metamodel compiler ADOxx v1.0 2010-2011 Researcher (PhD. student) A National founded collaboration (Acciones Integradas programme, AT2009-001) with The Department of Knowlegde Engineering (DKE) of the Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria.
    MSDS: Requirements Engineering in Multi-Stakeholder Distributed Systems 2006-2007 Researcher (PhD. student) A National founded collaboration (Acciones Integradas programme, HU2005-0021) with The Institute for Systems Engineering and Automation Johannes Kepler Universität (JKU), Linz, Austria

    Conferences and Workshops


    Keynote/Lecture Venue Date
    CONVOCATORIAS ANTE LA UNION EUROPEA XVIII Jornadas Ingenieria, Universidad de Caldas, Colombia October 14th, 2020

    Organizing Committee

    Venue Role Edition
    International Conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement Part of the Infrastructure team PROFES 2019 (20th)
    International i* Workshop Organising Committee (co-PC Chair) iStar 2019 (12th) iStar 2017 (10th) iStar 2016 (9th)
    International Conference on Business Process Management Part of the Infrastructure team BPM 2017 (5th)
    Requirements Engineering Track in CIbSE co-PC Chair CIbSE 2016 (XXI)
    International Workshop on Conceptualization of Modelling Methods Responsible for organisation and communication CMM 2011 (1st)
    International i* Workshop Responsible of producing Proceedings iStar 2010 (4th)
    IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference Part of the Infrastructure and Webmaster teams RE 2008 (16th)

    Program Committee Member

    International Conferences
    International Conference on Conceptual ModelingCORE-A ER 2018 (37th, Subreviewer) ER 2015 (34th, SubReviewer)
    International Conference on Software TechnologiesCORE-B ICSOFT 2019 ICSOFT 2018 ICSOFT 2017 ICSOFT 2016 (11th, ICSOFT-EA TracK)
    ACM SIGAPP Symposium On Applied ComputingCORE-B SAC 2019 SAC 2018 SAC 2017 (32nd, Subreviewer)
    Product Focused Software Process ImprovementCORE-B PROFES 2019 (20th)
    IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information ScienceCORE-B RCIS 2017 (11th, Poster & Demo Track)
    RCIS 2014 (8th, SubReviewer)
    International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications TechnologyCORE-C QUATIC 2019 QUATIC 2018 (11th)
    Event of Evaluation and Modelling Methods for Systems Analysis and DevelopmentCORE-C EMMSAD 2017 (22nd)
    International ACM Sigsoft Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures QoSA 2013 (9th, Subreviewer)
    National and Ibero-American Conferences
    Jornadas de Ingeniería del Software y Bases de Datos JISBD 2019 JISBD 2018 JISBD 2017(XXII) JISBD 2014
    Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering CIbSE 2020 CIbSE 2019 CIbSE 2018 CIbSE 2017 CIbSE 2016 (WER Track)
    CIbSE 2015 (Poster & Demos)
    CIbSE 2014 (XXVII, ESELAW Track, Subreviewer)
    Congreso Ecuatoriano de Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación TIC.EC 2019 TIC.EC 2018 TIC.EC 2017 TIC.EC 2016 TIC.EC 2014 (2nd)
    International i* Workshop iStar 2019 (PC Chair) iStar 2018 iStar 2017 (PC Chair) iStar 2016 (PC Chair) iStar 2015 iStar 2014 iStar 2013 iStar 2011 iStar 2010 (4th)
    International Workshop on Conceptual Modeling in Requirements and Business Analysis MReBA 2019 MReBA 2018 MReBA 2017 MReBA 2016 MReBA 2015 MReBA 2014 (1st)
    International Workshop on Managing Quality in Agile and Rapid Software Development Processes QuASD 2019 QuASD 2018 QuASD 2017(1st)
    Workshop on Requirements Engineering WER 2019 WER 2018 (21st)
    International Workshop on Modeling and Management of Big Data MoBiD 2019 (8th)
    International iStar Teaching Workshop iStarT 2017 iStarT 2015 (1st)
    International Workshop on Advances in Services DEsign based on the Notion of CApability ASDENCA 2015 (2nd)
    International Workshop on Risk Management of OSS Components and Communities WRMOOC 2014 (1st, Subreviewer)
    International Workshop on Conceptualization of Modelling Methods CMM 2011


    Journal Reviewer

    Journal Year (IF)
    Information and Software Technology (IST) 2018 (IF 2017: 2.627)
    Journal of Systems and Software (JSS) 2017 (IF 2017: 2.278)
    Computer Standards & Interfaces (CSI) 2017 (IF 2017: 1.465)
    IEEE Software 2017 (IF 2016: 2.19)
    Applied Computing & Informatics Journal (ACI) 2014
    Revista Computación y Sistemas (CyS) 2013
    World Wide Web Journal (WWWJ 2013 (IF 2012: 1.196)

    You can see my complete record related to journal reviews and journal editor record at my Publons profile: 1524468