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The GESSI research group the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) conducts research in many fields of software engineering, with particular emphasis on requirements engineering, software quality, software architecture, service-oriented computing, open source software, software modeling and empirical research.

Last news:
  • 19/03/15: Marc Oriol gets his PhD with the thesis entitled "Monitoring the Quality of Service to support the Service Based System Lifecycle". Now way to Pisa for a post-doc, good luck!
  • 15/03/15: GESSI apps Mobility4All and ecoCity won 1st and 2nd awards in iCity contest
  • 01/01/15: Carles Farré and Cristina Gómez joined GESSI. Welcome!
  • 11/11/14: GESSI Pizza Day (second edition!)
  • 31/07/14: EOSSAC 3-year project accepted
  • 22/07/14: GESSI obtained the Consolidated Research Group label given by the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • 01/05/14: Pere Botella gets retired. We hope you don't forget us too soon!
  • 23/01/14: David Ameller gets his PhD with the thesis entitled "Non-Functional Requirements as drivers of Software Architecture Design". Congratulations!
  • 12/09/13: A PhD position offered in collaboration with ATOS S.A. in the Industrial PhD program on Adapting Service lifeCycle towards EfficienT Clouds Applications opened until 30th Sept!
  • 20/07/13: RE'13 is over. GESSI involved in the TwinPeaks workshop, PABRE tool demo, ready-set-transfer contest and i* mini-tutorial. Busy but funny!
  • 15/07/13: Oscar Cabrera, Silverio Martínez and Cristina Palomares successfully defended their PhD project. Congratulations!
  • 16/05/13: Lidia López gets her PhD with the thesis entitled "The Notion of Specialization in the i* Framework". Congratulations!
  • 22/02/13: Online questionnaire for software requirement patterns accepted for the REFSQ'13 empirical track
  • 22/02/13: TwinPeaks'13 also to be held at RE'13
  • 22/01/13: Notification of acceptance of a tutorial on software requirement patterns at ICSE'13
  • 30/11/12: Two workshops accepted at ICSE'13: CESI'13 and TwinPeaks'13
  • 19/11/12: FP7 RISCOSS kick-off meeting starts
  • 06/11/12: We had the 1st GESSI Pizza Day for students at FIB. Find here the presentation and some project assignments proposed for students
  • 16/10/12: Lidia Lòpez wins the Best Student Paper Award at ER'12 for her paper "Specialization in i* Strategic Rationale Models". Congratulations!
  • 21/09/12: Carlos Cares gets his PhD with the thesis entitled "From the i* Diversity to a Common Interoperability Framework". Congratulations!
  • 10/07/12: e-learning members of GESSI become an independent research group (Sushitos)
  • 01/09/11: Cristina Palomares et al. win the Best Poster Award at RE'11 for their tool demo+poster "PABRE-Man: Management of a Requirement Patterns Catalogue". Congratulations!
  • 05/05/11: GESSI and Everis have signed a 3-year collaboration programme (Càtedra Everis)
  • 15/04/11: Two GESSI students participating in one team playing the finals at ICSE-SCORE
  • 23/04/09: Three members of GESSI co-authors of the best paper in RCIS'09 entitled "PABRE: Pattern-Based Requirements Elicitation". Congratulations!
  • 25/03/09: Website launched!
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