Joan Antoni Pastor: CMMI for Services

Speaker: Joan Antoni Pastor


02/12/2009 de 11:00 a 11:00 (Europe/Madrid / UTC100)



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CMMI-SVC provides guidance to service organizations for establishing, managing, and delivering services that meet the needs of customers and users. CMMI-SVC provides best practices that service providers can use when they...

  • Decide what services they should be providing, define standard services, and let people know about them
  • Make sure they have everything they need to deliver a service, including people, processes, consumables, and equipment
  • Get new systems in place, change existing systems, retire obsolete systems, all while making sure nothing goes terribly wrong with the service
  • Set up agreements, take care of service requests, and operate service systems
  • Make sure they have the resources needed to deliver services and that services are available when needed at an appropriate cost
  • Handle what goes wrong and prevent it from going wrong in the first place if possible
  • Ensure they are ready to recover from potential disasters and get back to delivering services if the disaster occurs

CMMI-SVC has many similarities to and complements other CMMI models, including CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) and CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ).