Physical Design Optimization of Distributed Databases (-)

October, 2014 → December, 2016

Victor Herrero, Alberto Abelló, Francesc Trull

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  • Description

    This project is funded by SAP and aims at the creation of effective algorithms to automate the physical design of distributed databases in the particular case of Multi-Processor In-Memory DBMSs.

    Technical goal

    The current project focuses on finding the optimal organization and co-location of data in modern distributed in-memory databases.


    Some IMDBs are designed to support mixed workloads with both OLTP and OLAP commands being issued simultaneously. These two kinds of commands have very different behavior and producing a physical design that provides good performance for both is challenging. Also, database workloads change over time incurring different demands on the system at different moments. The physical design of the database could be made dynamic so that it would change together with the workload to adjust to the demands as they shift.