Oscar Romero

Welcome to my homepage!

I’m currently a tenure-track 2 lecturer at the Departament d’Enginyeria de Serveis i Sistemes d’Informació (ESSI), which belongs to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC-BarcelonaTech).

I also coordinate the IT4BI Erasmus Mundus Master at UPC and the Big Data Management and Analytics postgraduate course at UPC School.

Although my hometown is Lleida, I have already lived for more than 10 years in Barcelona. On March 2004 I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering at Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB) Later, on February 2010 I obtained my doctoral degree in Computing. My PhD thesis, directed by Dr. Alberto Abelló and entitled “Automating the Multidimensional Design of Data Warehouses”, can be found here.

Topics of interest

My main interests are business intelligence, Big Data and the semantic web. My PhD thesis focused on data warehousing but since then, I have been working on many other topics such as NOSQL (and any technology beyond relational databases), bridging Big Data management and analytics, open data platforms (mostly at the database level), recommendation systems and semantic-aware systems (based or exploiting semantic formalisms such as ontology languages or RDF).

I am also interested in agile methodologies / formalisms to incorporate non-technical people in the design, maintenance and evolution of database systems.

A graphical representation of my interests follows (from Wordle).

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