Conducting empirical studies in industry

There are numerous challenges, and rewards, in conducting empirical studies in industry. Challenges emanate from the multi-faceted complexity: in products, systems and services; development, evolution and management processes; vendor-customer models and relationships; organizational settings; business contexts and dynamics; etc. Yet there are rewards for successful studies in terms of utility of the results in real-world situations. Building on the results and momentum of the first two CESI workshops held during ICSE (2013 and 2014) this proposal seeks to hold a follow-on workshop at ICSE 2015. A new element of CESI 2015 is that, beyond the research-methodological focus of previous workshops, we seek research contributions highlighting results of the empirical studies conducted in industry. We believe that this move will: (i) further precipitate empirical research in the software engineering community, and (ii) engage industry participants from the point of view of the utility of the results emanating from empirical studies. A long-term goal of the series of CESI workshops is to create a vibrant research and practice community with focus on conducting quality empirical studies in industry hoping that their results will lead to improved software engineering practices, techniques, methods, processes, technologies, products/systems and services.


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