Information Processing and Modeling

The main goal of the Information Modelling and Processing (MPI) research group is to explore aspects of conceptual information modelling and processing. The group’s research covers diverse areas of software engineering and information systems, and its researchers are particularly active in the fields of conceptual modelling, data schema validation, behavioural schema in conceptual modelling and the semi-automatic generation of transformations between data schema (relational and/or multidimensional).

The MPI research group, which has been awarded Catalan government funding for the period 2009-2013 (2009 SGR 1020), is divided into two independent subgroups: the Conceptual Modelling Group (GMC) and the Facing On towards Logic Database Rule Enforcement (FOLRE) group. Both subgroups have extensive experience in their areas of specialisation and often develop solutions to related problems from different theoretical perspectives. Their work is underpinned by a commitment to producing high-quality, tangible results through theoretical and technical research with clear practical applications.

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