Global Laboratory Initiative software (GLI)

June, 2018 → February, 2022

Alberto Abelló, Besim Bilalli, Sergi Nadal

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  • Description

    The Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI) is a program developed by the Probitas Foundation in 2010 with the objective to strengthen the capabilities of clinical diagnostic laboratories working with a multidisciplinary team in vulnerable areas. It consists in four phases:

    • Phase 1: Needs assessment
    • Phase 2: Strengthening basic infrastructures and providing laboratory equipment
    • Phase 3: Training local staff in laboratory management and diagnostic techniques
    • Phase 4: Promoting other health programs appropriate for each context
    • Phase 5: Measuring the effectiveness, efficiency and impact.

    Thus, a software tool was created and developed by a multidisciplinary Probitas team for the management of those laboratories, with the objective of maintaining a database collecting and managing patient data, samples and results, which allows drafting epidemiological and logistical management reports. GLI Software is organised into four modules:

    1. Patient Registration
    2. Tests request and results recording
    3. Report production, validation and interpretation
    4. Overview of stock and database management

    Despite being currently working at full capacity in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Mali (for a total of 8 laboratories), GLI-software is currently in the process of improving its capacity and performance. Hence, this is the framework of this project aiming at the improvement of GLI-Software migrating it from a desktop application to a client-server architecture that allows its scalability and further improvement.