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 ReeF: Defining a Customizable Reengineering Framework

During their life span, organizations must adapt continuously to an always evolving context and so have to do their Information Systems and the processes around them. The scope of these changes ranges from small-scale maintenance modifications to the redefinition of some business processes or even the full deployment of a new system. In all the cases, the resulting Information System will seldom be built from the scratch; even when deploying it for the first time, we may consider that it starts from the description of the current, human processes. For that reason, we may consider Information System construction and evolution as reengineering processes. In this paper, we present a framework that defines the generic activity of reengineering using Method Engineering techniques. The framework is built upon existing reengineering methods from different disciplines and provides six generic phases that can be instantiated with the purpose of defining new reengineering methods.