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A Tool for Building Software Quality Models
In the last years, some methods have been proposed for dealing with COTS component selection. In all of them, a key point is the comparison of the user requirements that drive the selection process with the capabilities of the evaluated COTS components. Quality models are a means to obtain exhaustive and structured descriptions of COTS domains. Once built, COTS components in the domain may be evaluated with respect to the quality factors included therein, quality requirements may be stated with respect to the quality model, and the classical factor-requirement negotiation process may be used yielding to the selection of the most appropriate COTS. In this paper we present the QM tool used to support our IQMC method [1, 2] for the construction of quality models for COTS domains. This tool also supports the organization of quality models in a taxonomy of COTS domains [3] for supporting the reuse of these models. As an alternative to the development of QM we analysed four tools that are representative of the types of tools that could be used for our purposes: miniSQUID, a tool for defining metrics and quality factors; OPAL, a tool for supporting a COTS selection process; eCOTS, a Web portal for sharing massive information about COTS domains and components; and IRqA, a classical requirements management tool. None of them is adequate enough for supporting the specificities of IQMC method and taxonomy management.