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  • [DOI] “Continuously assessing and improving software quality with software analytics tools: a case study,” IEEE Access, 2019. [Q1, JCR 2017. IF: 3.557. Position: 24/148. Area: Computer Science, Information Systems].
  • [DOI] “Dealing with non-functional requirements in model-driven development: a survey,” IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 2019. [Q1, JCR 2017. Impact Factor: 3.331. Position: 6/104. Area: Computer Science, Software Engineering].
  • [DOI] “Benefits and Drawbacks of Software Reference Architectures: A Case Study,” Information and Software Technology, 2017. [Q1, JCR 2017. Impact Factor: 2.627. Position: 16/104. Area: Computer Science, Software Engineering].
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