Service Oriented Business Intelligence (SOBI)

Alberto Abelló, Sergi Nadal, Vasileios Theodorou

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    The main goal of this course is to analyze the technological and engineering needs of Big Data Analytics. The enabling technology for such a challenge is cloud services, which provide the elasticity needed to properly scale the infrastructure as the needs of the company grow. As a consequence, we need data management tools that also scale with that infrastructure (i.e., NOSQL tools). Being Big Data Management the evolution of Data Warehousing, such knowledge is assumed in this course (see the corresponding subject in DM&BI speciality for more details on its contents).

    Thus, this course focuses on developing the student's skills to put their knowledge on service companies and benefiting from service facilities to build Business Intelligence solutions. On the one hand, we will analyze to which extent it is possible to consider Data Warehousing just a service and use these same techniques in its engineering methods. Specifically, we need to use services and cloud databases to deal with Big Data analytics. On the other hand, we will analyze the specificity of the service sector and present techniques to engineering their systems (i.e., Service Oriented Architecture).

    A joint real-world project potentially ready to be launched as a start up will be coordinated with other sibling subjects: BIP, SEAIT, WS and VBP. The analysis of the performance of technologies is the main outcome of SOBI, the management of the project will be developed in BIP, the interfaces in WS, the business plan in VBP, and the ethical part of the business model will be checked at SEAIT. Thus, we strongly advise those courses (specially BIP) are taken at the same time as this.