World Information System to Control/Eliminate Neglected Tropital Diseases (WISCENTD)

September, 2015 → August, 2016

Alberto Abelló, Marc Garnica, Jakob Gerstenlauer, Pedro González, Petar Jovanovic, Eric Mourin, Victor Murciano, Ruth Raventós, Alexis Rico, Oscar Romero, Pablo Ruiz, Jaume Viñas

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  • Description

    The objective of The Programme on Control of the Chagas disease, Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, World Health Organization (WHO) in the framework of the Millennium Development Goals is to control and eliminate the Chagas disease, one of the 17 diseases declared in the 2010 first Report on Neglected Tropical Diseases.

    Technical goal

    The technical goal of the WISCC project is to build a data repository integrating data from disparate sources in frequency, format, semantics, nature and structure but multidisciplinary-related with the Chagas Disease.


    Many potential data relationships are unknown in advance, data structure and schemas can change and data analysis and data consumption patterns can (and should) evolve. Within this scenario, the data repository architecture base layer will adopt the form of a Data Lake. Over this base layer new layers can be built in a flexible and dynamic manner. Such layers will be aligned with the specific needs elicited from the subsequent advances made in the WHO Programme and therefore they cannot be predicted at this stage. For these reasons, the information Systems developed are meant to be valuable tools both in short and long term.