Universidad de la Republica (UDELAR)

Adriana Marotta, Federico Piedrabuena, Fernando Carpani

  • Description

    In this collaboration with UDELAR, we proposed techniques for providing the user with quality information about the retrieved data, for an environment where multidimensional queries are made over multiple Data Marts. This meta-information behaves as an added value over the obtained information or as an additional element to take into account during the proposition of the queries. The quality properties considered were freshness, availability and accuracy. We provided a set of formulas that allow estimating or calculating the values of these properties, for the result of any multidimensional operation of a predefined basic set.

    On the other hand, we studied how ontologies contribute to the Semantic Web. Firstly, they show a vocabulary consensus inside a community. Secondly, they provide reasoning capabilities. We developed a completely automatic translation from relational schemas to OWL, so that inference mechanisms can be used to integrate different schemas, by dealing with structure heterogeneities. The output of the translation algorithm, which exploits functional dependencies in the relational schema, belongs to OWL Full.

    Related publications
    Adriana Marotta, Federico Piedrabuena, Alberto Abelló: Managing Quality Properties in a ROLAP Environment. CAiSE 2006