NameTypeGrant IDYears
RePlanReactive Plan: A Tool for Continuous Software Release PlanningFunded by Catalan government, AGAUR LlavorLLAV-00009, J-023142017-2018
GENESISGeneration and Evolution of Smart APIsFunded by Spanish governmentTIN2016-79269-R2016-2020
SUPERSEDESUpporting evolution and adaptation of PERsonalized Software by Exploiting contextual Data and End-user feedbackFunded by EU, H2020 - ICT 9644018; E-13182015-2018
EOSSACEngineering Open Source Services and Apps for the CitizensFunded by Spanish governmentTIN2013-44641-P; J-18902014-2016
NFR4MDDHow do companies deal with NFR in MDDNo funding2014-2018
RiscOSSManaging Risk and Costs in Open Source Software AdoptionFunded by EU, FP7 Call 8, Objective 1.2, outcome c3182492012-2015
everisCátedra everisIndustrial collaboration2011-2014
Pros-ReqRequirement-based production of service-oriented softwareFunded by Spanish governmentTIN2010-19130-C02-002011-2013
ADICTAcquisition, Development, Integration and Customization of Heterogeneous Components for Information SystemsFunded by Spanish governmentTIN2007-647532007-2010
SODAService Oriented Device and Delivery ArchitectureITEAITEA-050222006-2008
MSDSRequirements Engineering in Multi Stakeholder Distributed SystemsFunded by Spanish governmentHU2005-00212006-2007
DSDMRed de Desarrollo de Software Dirigido por ModelosFunded by Spanish governmentTIN2005-25886-E2006-2008