Paper accepted in Fundamenta Informaticae Journal

Quality-Aware Architectural Model Transformations in Adaptive Mashups User Interfaces
Javier Criado, Silverio Martínez-Fernández, David Ameller, Luis Iribarne, Nicolás Padilla, Andreas Jedlitschka

Mashup user interfaces provides their functionality through the combination of different services. The integration of such services can be solved by using reusable and third-party components. Furthermore, these interfaces must be adapted to user preferences, context changes, user interactions and component availability. Model transformation is a useful mechanism to address this adaptation but normally these operations only focus on the functional requirements. In this sense, quality attributes should be included in the adaptation process to obtain the best adapted mashup user interface. This paper proposes a generic quality-aware transformation process to support the adaptation of software architectures. The transformation process has been applied in ENIA, a geographic information system, by constructing a specific quality model for the adaptation of mashup user interfaces. This model is taken into account for evaluating the different transformation alternatives and choosing the one that maximizes the quality assessments. The approach has been validated by a set of adaptation scenarios that are intended to maximize different quality factors and therefore apply distinct combinations of metrics.